BFIC Coin Price, B-Love Coin Price, Innovation Factory Ecosystem

Today we will talk about Innovation Factory. the rate of BFIC Coin is increasing very fast, in today’s time its Live rate is $18.93 dollars, Innovation Factory company is running from Dubai, 30 Ecosystem Projects of Innovation Factory are running, out of which There is a coin in BFIC network and B-Love Network, whose price is sure to increase, you too can earn lakhs of rupees by investing from here.

BFIC Coin Price: – $18.93

B-Love Coin Price: – $0.03 per coin.

BFIC Coin Cryptocurrency

  • Cryptocurrencies Coin: BFIC Network
  • Token Name: BFIC Coin
  • Market Cap: $35,618,418
  • Circulating Supply: 1,889,774 BFIC
  • Total Supply: 21,000,000
  • Website:
  • SHIBA Inu Coin

Bficoin (BFIC)The native currency of the BFIC Blockchain, a cross-chain Ethereum fork, which is utilized to support layers 3 and 2 solution. The ticker appears in the currency. BFIC The coin is given to verified users of this BFIC Blockchain, and used to record any transactions that occur on the Blockchain.


The BFIC Ecosystem comprises 30plus utilities that have been designed to improve the potential of the cryptocurrency. It is evident that the BFIC community has seen huge growth, as millions across the world have begun investigating the powerful utility

BFIC Blockchain

BFIC Blockchain is equipped with the essential tools and components crucial to build an economy that is borderless.

The BFIC protocol blends the developer’s experience, interoperability, and security of Ethereum and the features that are optimized for several stand-alone blockchains in order to provide security, flexibility, and sovereignty. 

This allows for a remarkable compatibility with current Ethereum components and allows for communications with Ethereum with sovereign and Ethereum blockchains.


A Cross-chain protocol for connecting Ethereum compatible blockchains to various blockchain networks. BFIC integrates the Interoperability protocol to allow unidirectional communications between Ethereum and various blockchain networks, allowing it to interact with other networks as well as approve cross-chain validations.

Project In The BFIC Ecosystem

BFIC is supported by an ever-growing, utility-based ecosystem that ensures its worldwide acceptance and accessibility.

Bfic Ecosystem Project

Bfic Ecosystem Project

  1. BFICscan
  2. Xchange On
  3. Dexa
  4. LoveWallet
  5. Time2travel
  6. BFIC Store
  7. Super11
  8. MetaMall
  9. Trust Academy
  10. Cryptotube
  11. Crypto Cash
  12. Payplus
  13. Explore The World
  14. Full On
  15. Jokers
  16. Trump Card
  17. 1st Investment
  18. BFIC Network
  19. B-Love Network
  20. Bulleto
  21. P2Proprties
  22. Snake & Ladder
  23. BlockHub
  24. Bbonds
  25. Idol Blocks
  26. Insured Trading
  27. Virtual Meet
  28. SoPae
  29. Game Ok
  30. Bficoin

This is the Real utility Bfic could be a hint of more coming shortly. Please join our Community.


The native currency makes up BFIC Blockchain, a cross-chain Ethereum fork, which is utilized to provide a Layer 2 solutions. with the ticker “BFIC”, the coin is given to validaters on BFIC Blockchain and is utilized to track transactions on the Blockchain.

The BFIC Ecosystem comprises 30plus tools that have been developed to boost the value of the currency. It is clear that the BFIC community has experienced significant growth over the past few years, since people from all over the globe are examining the potent utility.

Best Fintech Investment (BFIC)

The current Best Fintech Investment Coin price at present today is $18.90 USD and a 24-hour transaction volume in the amount of 519,298 US dollars. We change the BFIC to USD prices in real-time. Best Fintech Investment Coin is growing by 3.25 percent over the last 24 hours.

The present CoinMarketCap rank is #2938 and has an active market cap of not available. The supply of circulating coins is not available, and there is a maximum. quantity in 21,000,000 BFIC coins.

If you’d like to learn where to purchase Best Fintech Investment Coin at the current price The top cryptocurrency exchanges that trade in Best Fintech Investment Coin stock are currently BitMart as well as LBank. You can also find other that are listed in our cryptocurrency exchanges pages.

BFICoin (BFIC): BFIC is a blockchain platform that uses proof-of-stake that uses BFICoin as its primary currency. Innovation Factory, the founding company behind BFIC declares it to be the only cryptocurrency

that will have an ecosystem that can satisfy the decentralized financial requirements of everyday users. In contrast to other cryptocurrency, BFIC has more of an ecosystem that is centered around the user.

BFIC was first introduced through the IEO that was a part of XchangeOn and then launched to the public with an issue cost of $3.00. The coin quickly reached an ATR at $45.00 by February 2022 and is currently in consolidation.

BFIC is available for trading through XchangeOn, United Exchange & LaToken. The story began in 2021 when Innovation Factory deployed the BFIC token on the Binance Smart Chain. With the intention of developing more sophisticated and better solutions to defi, around 2022.

Innovation Factory developed their own blockchain using a native currency, BFIC. The company offered owners of the token to have their tokens replaced using mainnet coins in 1:10 ratio. The token has been declared ineffective, as BFICoin has taken its place.

BFIC Mainnet: BFIC is an advanced network built upon the Blockchain 3rd Gen technology that allows digital transactions as well as the platform for creating and managing financial services decentralized in real-time.

According to their whitepaper BFIC Mainnet has been designed by combining the functions from Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron. A new algorithm was developed as a result, which makes use of Bitcoin and PoS algorithms to calculate blockchain transactions.

In terms of ideology, it is believed that the BFIC mainnet aims to the following: – Lower costs for transactions – A lower storage costs for projects that are decentralized Assets could be tokenized and circulated through Ethereum and other networks. 100,000 transactions per second

The Ecosystem BFICoin is part of a diverse ecosystem, as described in the report of Innovation Factory on their official website. The ecosystem has 20 projects, of which 3 have been announced. BFIC Network is a stake-mining platform that lets users place stakes in BFICoins and earn rewards quickly on their phones.

The XchangeOn exchange was the first cryptocurrency exchange to list BFIC. It is believed that the BFIC Ecosystem will also support utility-based projects, which will include: Bulleto Smart Contract SnakeNLadder NFT game

The game MetaMall (Metaverse shopping platform) BFIC Store (Crypto marketplace for shopping online) Crypto Cash Love Wallet Insured Trading (crypto Trade insurance) and a variety of others.

Supply and Distribution: BFIC will be able to provide an overall supply of 21 million coin. The entire quantity will then be dispersed over five years. According to the whitepaper of BFIC approximately 47 percent from the entire supply is channeled via mining rewards.

Innovation Factory’s plan for distribution of the entire supply of BFIC according to the following is the order: – Bounty 2 percent of Total Supply Emergency Fund 2% of Total Supply Server Maintenance 33% of Total Supply R&D 3 percent of Total Supply Airdrops for ICOs 5percent of the total supply Team 10 percent of Total Supply

Rewards 28 percent of total supply Mining Rewards 47 percent of Total Supply. Information about Innovation Factory: Innovation Factory is a Fintech company that provides services within the realm of Decentralized Finance.

The company has created an advanced blockchain technology that includes a crypto exchange as well as the crypto stake-mining system for smartphones.

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